Periodic Events Behavior in Ajour and CheckAjour

All about the options and how to best utilize period events in Ajour and CheckAjour.

Period Events in Ajour and CheckAjour

  • To edit recurring events in Ajour, click the "Periodic Events" tab. For context sensitive help, hit "F1" while the grid/sheet has focus.
  • Periodic events data format:
    • Month = 1-12 means each year on the complete date.
    • Month = 13 means each month on the date specified in day.
    • Month = 14 means each week on the day of week specified in day (1-7 = the days in week).
  • You can "step" through the fields in "Periodic Events". Just select a new row, enter month, and then from the group on the keyboard with 4 arrow keys, press the one to the right.
  • In Ajour calendar days with periodic "once-an-year" events (but not "once-a-month" and "once-a-week") are highlighted in red (same behavior as when "Calender/Diary" items are connected to a date).
  • In Ajour will days highlighted in red only by periodic events appear empty. You can double-click days with highlighted periodic events and be taken to their entry.
  • In CheckAjour "once-an-year" and "once-a-month" events (but not "once-a-week") will be shown in the "Following 7 Days" and "Tomorrow" fields.
  • In CheckAjour these items are shown with an asterisk "*" in front of them.
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