Differences in Protocol and Usage Between HTTP and HTTPS

The differences between the http and https protocols, and when each kind is used in websites.

Explanation of Differences Between HTTP and HTTPS

Data sent over HTTP is not encrypted. With HTTPS it is.

That means if someone monitors data sent over "http", e.g. with a trojan or back-door program installed on your computer, the data transferred can be grabbed in a state where it is easy to read.

Most non-critical data is transferred as HTTP although more and more websites have begun to use HTTPS whenever any kind of personal data is transferred.

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When to Use HTTPS Instead of HTTP in Websites

When to use HTTPS instead of HTTP is ultimately a judgement call except in the most clear cut cases.

However, if you ask people to submit highly sensitive personal information such as:
  • Credit card number.
  • Civil registration number.

You should use HTTPS instead of HTTP.
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