Ordering Product Bundles and Payment Options

Save money by ordering license packs and program bundles. Variety of payment methods supported including credit cards and PayPal

View Product Bundles, License Packs and Payment Options

Payment solutions and methods can change, so this is a general introduction on how to order online.

Generally you save money per license by ordering larger license packs or adding more products to the shopping cart.

license packs bundles software

Remember the easiest way to purchase is to click one of the Buy Now buttons visible on each product page.

The default payment solution offers the following payment methods as of 2014 September:
  • Credit cards including Visa, Mastecard, American Express and Discover
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Mail money order
  • PayPal
  • Amazon

It is also possible to select and enter a purchase order online.

Buying License Packs and Bundles through eSellerate

  1. Using eSellerate, you are first presented with license pack size:

    license packs esellerate tools

  2. If you have received a coupon code at a meetup, training seminar or similar, enter it:

    license copuons esellerate tools

  3. After choosing license pack size, you can add more products to cart before checkout:

    license bundles esellerate tools

  4. eSellerate offers many payment options including credit cards and PayPal:

    license payment esellerate tools
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