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Tutorial that explains how you can download websites for later offline browsing.
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Downloading Websites

Ever wanted to download and keep websites on your computer? Perhaps store them to USB sticks and take them to clients or just for on the road when traveling? This tutorial about downloading websites will show how to do this in a snap. We can get started right-away since the default configuration of our website download software works well for most websites.

Getting Started Downloading Websites

It does not matter if the website you are downloading is database-driven, uses a server side language such as PHP or has query parameters in URLs. The only option you need to configure when downloading is the Website domain address and/or directory path. If you want to download and view multiple websites, you will also need to configure Save files crawled to disk directory path. After configuration, you are ready to Start scan and download websites.

download website options

When Website Download Has Finished

The A1 Website Download tool will automatically show you the website content downloaded when it has finished scanning. At this point you can store the downloaded website somewhere else, e.g. on an USB disk or similar, and take the complete website with you.

website downloaded

It is now possible to surf the downloaded website offline with your preferred internet browser such as Internet Explorer, Chrome or FireFox.

To browse the downloaded website, just open the index.html placed in the directory you chose before you begun the web site download.

When FTP Website Download Is Preferable

This website download tool downloads entire websites across public HTTP access. What gets downloaded is the website output, e.g. HTML, content, images etc. If you need to get the original code on the server side, e.g. ASP or PHP code, you need to download the files across FTP.
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Download and take complete websites with you to browse on offline media. Copy and store entire sites for backup, archive and documentation purposes. Never loose a web site again.
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