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Learn about A1 Website Analyzer and how to use it for SEO and site audits through guides written by our users.

Ruud from Search Engine People

Ruud Hein Ruud Hein from Search Engine People has been a user of A1 Website Analyzer for a long time and has through that written quite a few articles on how to analyze and perform audits of websites including their SEO.

This is by far the most useful, fastest tool to collect information on a site-wide basis.

Excerpt from A1 Website Analyzer: SEO Audit Tool & Website Crawler - posted April 27th, 2015:
A1 Website Analyzer is a powerful SEO audit website crawler that installs on your computer like regular software. It can extract all technical and on-page information you need to perform a complete audit. It doesn't require any running subscription to keep functioning. At SEP it's our go-to tool when the going gets tough.

Except from How To Find Any Text (Even In Code) Site-Wide Using A1 Website Analyzer - posted October 14th, 2015:
Ever wondered if a crucial piece of text or code is present site-wide? Maybe some analytics, tracking, or tag manager code? Or how about when you need to find old email addresses, specific spelling errors or similar? This is where site-wide custom text search can help.

Except from Site-Wide Title Width Calculator For SEO (Google Pixel SERPs) - posted June 30th, 2015:
Search engines "cut-off" titles that are too long. This can lead to the rather unfortunate consequence that your most important information in your titles and descriptions are not visible in organic search resuls leading to fewer clicks.

Except from Finding Pages With Duplicate Or Thin Content Using A1 Website Analyzer - posted February 3rd, 2016:
The larger and older the website you're working on, the harder it becomes to find duplicate content and thin content. Add external duplication to (too much) internal duplication and your site can be demoted or even completely filtered out in search results.

Except from How To Easily Optimize Internal Linking With A1 Website Analyzer - posted September 26th, 2016:
Optimizing your internal linking is not about nofollowing internal links to "privacy policy" and similar but rather about looking at the core of your website navigation and internal links structure - i.e. if you are linking too much to "low quality and thin content pages" versus "real content pages".

Except from How To Check If Your SSL HTTPS Website Still Uses HTTP URLs - posted March 20th, 2017:
After switching to HTTPS it's a good idea to run a scan, a crawl. You want to make sure your internal resources and internal links don't use HTTP anymore.

Chris Casarez

Chris Casarez Chris Casarez from exactlatitude.com helps businesses grow through SEO and actionable web analytics insights, and is a longtime user of A1 Website Analyzer.

Excerpt from Google Analytics/Adwords Tracking Audits with A1 Website Analyzer:
Out of the box, A1 WSA can check for gat and gaq object methods for Google Analytics tracking code as well as Google Adsense tracking. This is useful for searching for pages that lack this code (or pages where the code has been been implemented more than one)..

Bernhard Rieder

Bernhard Rieder has been a user of A1 Website Analyzer and has created quite a few articles and videos in on how to audit websites for problems including those related to SEO.

Videos related to A1 Website Analyzer in German:
Videos related to A1 Website Analyzer in German:
Note: The above article includes even more videos - above are just those that use A1 Website Analyzer for parts of them.

Jonathan Lindahl from Wizzi

Excerpt from 7 avanceret On-Page SEO tips der vil booste dine rankings - in Danish:
Derfor vil jeg i denne guide komme med 7 lidt mere avancerede on-page SEO tips, som vil kunne booste dine placeringer i SERP. I guiden vil jeg tage udgangspunkt i værktøjet A1 Website Analyzer.
Videos related to A1 Website Analyzer in Danish:

Dennis Steiner Lind Jørgensen

Dennis Steiner Lind Jørgensen Dennis is head of SEM at StepUp Media. This includes working with website analysis.

Excerpt from Find DC blandt titles med A1 Website Analyzer - guest post by us in Danish:
A1 Website Analyzer indeholder forskellige værktøjer, der kan hjælpe med at afsløre disse. I denne artikel vil vi udelukkende kigge på et af dem, som kan afsløre duplikeret indhold
A1 Website Analyzer
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