Unlimited Sitemap Generator with No Page Limits

A1 Sitemap Generator has no fixed page limit and usually has a much higher capacity than socalled unlimited sitemap generators.

Unlimited Sitemap Generator

While many HTML and XML sitemap generator products claim to be unlimited there exist no such thing in real life. Even major search engines have storage and capacity limits. If you have a large website, you will find that A1 Sitemap Generator can handle a much higher amount of pages than by far most of the competing sitemap generators including those that claim to be unlimited.

Sitemap Generator Capacity Limits

The non-fixed practical limit in our sitemaps generator is determined by many things including the website, program configuration and the computer running our sitemapper software tool. Standard computers using default configuration will normally be able to hit 100.000 pages with no problems. Some people have even reported successfully scanning large websites with millions of pages.

If you encounter any problems when scanning large websites, you can configure our sitemaps program to collect less data. This heavily increases the page capacity. However, as results vary, we always recommend people to download the fully functional 30 days free trial of our sitemap generator software. This allows you to test the capacity and get support in case of problems of any sort.
A1 Sitemap Generator
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