MiggiBot Crawler Robot in A1 Software

MiggiBot is the website crawler robot powering a range of tools including our A1 Crawler software.

Features in MiggiBot Robot Crawler Engine

  • Can extract vast amounts of meta data about all pages in a website. File sizes, download times, server response codes etc.
  • Has various tools for analyzing keyword density. Can use stop words and similar filters.
  • Can generate sitemaps of websites with the crawler supporting advanced filters.
  • Can check, validate and store links, redirects and even source from data (e.g. images and frames).
  • Can calculate the internal importance of all pages within a site.
  • Can generate CSV and XML files for all crawled and derived data.
  • Has website download and links conversion functionality.

Future MiggiBot and Crawler Software Development

  • Continue to develop and polish the engine.
  • Some very exotic and secret ideas.

Products Where MiggiBot Crawler Engine is Used

Name Acronym Link Description
A1 Sitemap Generator A1SG link HTML/XML/Image/Video sitemapper
A1 Keyword Research A1KR link Keyword SEO tools and analyzer
A1 Website Analyzer A1WA link Technical site, SEO and link checker
A1 Website Download A1WD link Website downloader for offline browsing
A1 Website Scraper A1WS link Extract and scrape website data
A1 Website Search Engine A1WSE link Add a search solution to your website
TechSEO360 TS360 link All-in-one solution merging functionality from multiple A1 tools.

For Developers and Programmers

Having easy-to-parse XML data can be useful for companies building custom research tools.

We are also currently considering if and how to expose our crawler engine for developers. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Fun facts About Miggi / MiggiBot

The name is a contraction of the following words Micro-Sys, Microsys, microbot, microbotic, robot, bot, big etc.
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